Vladimir Presnyakov was born in, and grew up in the south of Russia. His artistic ability was recognized early in life. After a 3 year undergraduate fine arts course at Saratov College of Art, he completed a 6 year post graduate course at the world-renowned Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg. He graduated with honours and lives there still.  Since then he has undertaken commissions (mostly portraits) throughout Europe and  exhibited in Russia, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Maria Volkova was born  in Gatchina. She studied at Roerich Art College in St Petersburg ,where she graduated with Distinction in .
From her childhood , she has always loved landscape painting. Her landscapes are largely inspired by the historic town of Gatchina , near St Petersburg. Gatchina is famous for its beautiful parks , lakes and other 18th centure  mansions. Maria's work is recognized internationally and continues to attract a growing number of collectors.


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